Vivèse Senso Duo


The formula of Vivèse Senso Duo has been developed by specialists in the fields of chemistry, biology and trichology (branch of science that studies the health of hair). Their many years of research have enabled the selection of the most effective method of combating baldness and improving hair growth.

For whom?

The formula of Vivèse Senso Duo has been developed based on natural, carefully selected ingredients. It is designed for people with thin and weak hair, which is often excessively dry. This product is an answer to the needs of women and men who experience problems with:

  • different types of balding (spot baldness, pattern hair loss, telogen effluvium)
  • unsightly bald patches
  • weakening of hair linked to illnesses
  • consequences of incorrect hair care

So, if:

  • your hair is genetically weak and you would like to make it visibly thicker and fuller
  • Recently you have noticed that your hair is weaker and thinner than it once was
  • You are tired of being told you look older (thinner hair is one of the main symptoms of ageing)
  • Every day you seem to leave more hair on your hairbrush than before

How it works

The effectiveness of the innovative formula Vivèse Senso Duo has been confirmed. Its uniqueness is based on the fact that it acts on four different levels simultaneously.

1. It supports glucose metabolism

In the growth phase, hair follicles consume twice as much glucose as when they are in a rest phase. Vivèse Senso Duo provides hair follicles with additional glucose to stimulate energy conversion in hair cells, which is necessary for their growth, health and survival. The nutrients contained in Vivèse Senso Duo make hair follicles more active and willing to stimulate hair growth, making the hair thicker and fuller. Moreover, the anagen phase becomes extended, which has a direct effect on the condition of the hair.

2. Stimulates stem cells

The process of new hair growth begins with the activation of stem cells which are in a rest phase. Vivèse Senso Duo accelerates the conversion of stem cells from the rest phase to the hair growth phase – which makes your new hair strong and healthy.

3. Protects the mitochondria

Vivèse Senso Duo supports the work of the mitochondria and protects them from free radicals, which prevents the cells from ageing – the cells remain young and active for longer. This results in stronger and healthier hair and reduces hair loss.

4. Slows down the ageing processes

Oxidative stress is one the mechanisms which contribute to hair loss. Vivèse Senso Duo protects hair follicles from oxidative stress, supports the growth of stem cells and increases the level of metabolic energy, which extends the growth phase of the hair and reduces hair loss.

To sum up, your Vivèse Senso Duo:

  • provides hair cells with nutrients which support quick and intensive hair growth
  • extends the hair growth phase
  • slows down balding
  • makes your hair stronger, healthier and thicker
  • protects your hair from the results of oxidative stress and ageing processes
  • regenerates and nourishes your hair and scalp

Vivèse Senso Duo OIL

Developed based on the newest research in trichology. Its innovative, dual-phase formula contains more than 30 valuable oils and leading hydrophilic substances – this combination of ingredients guarantees results which until now have been unachievable when combating any type of baldness.

The curative properties of the treatment increase the levels of energy in the stem cells which are responsible for the correct hair growth in the anagen phase. Caffeine and camellia extract block the production of dihydrotestosterone – the hormone which is responsible for hair loss. What is more, baicalin, which is used in medicine, and an extract from soy sprouts and wheat strengthen the muscles supporting hair follicles, which stimulates the inactive hair cells and increases the growth rate of new, thicker hair which is resistant to damage.

Vivèse Senso Duo SHAMPOO

This specialist dermocosmetic product effectively treats hair growth disorders, which can be caused by various factors. Its formula contains a whole range of microelements, amino acids, lipids, sugars and other compounds which supplement any deficiencies in the structure of the hair. The extract from baikal skullcap accelerates the start of the anagen phase of hair growth, and the rose seed extract oxygenates the cells and protects them from the ageing processes.

The innovative mechanism activates hair follicles, and the arginine contained in the formula stimulates micro-circulation and accelerates the production of new hair with a robust structure. The shampoo does not weigh the hair down, it thoroughly hydrates the scalp and adjusts the secretion of sebum, whose level is directly linked to the balding process.



Supports micro-circulation within the scalp, stimulating hair bulbs to increase the production of elements which build the structure of the hair. It increases the level of energy in stem cells and restores the natural balance of the skin, which enables its complete regeneration after hair loss.


Provides hair follicles with glucose which is necessary for the growth, health and survival of the hair. It significantly extends the anagen phase, whose length has a direct effect on the thickness and number of hairs. It additionally strengthens the muscles which support hair bulbs, reducing the risk of baldness.


It dilates blood vessels in the skin of your scalp and increases blood circulation within hair follicles, thanks to which they produce more creatinine – the main element building the structure of the hair. It stimulates the production of nitric oxide and delivers a wide range of compounds which strengthen the natural barrier of the skin and prevent hair loss.


It is a rich source of microelements and vitamins A, C and E, which are necessary for the correct functioning of hair follicles. It protects the hair cells from free radicals, which slows down the ageing processes and makes them more active for longer.


Stimulates hair bulbs by activating their growth factors. Blocks the production of dihydrotestosterone – the hormone which is responsible for hair loss. In addition, the new hair is thicker and stronger, and the fibres are fully regenerated.


Closes the cuticles, protecting the hair from premature ageing and mechanical damage to its structure. Deeply hydrates the hair and scalp, and strengthens the hydrolipid layer. Stimulates inactive hair cells and encourages their active growth.


It is a source of vitamins, amino acids and lipids, which are necessary to maintain the healthy condition of the skin on your head. It has extraordinary nourishing properties which slow down the process of hair follicle loss. It helps the energy consumed in the process of hair growth to be suitably managed which has a direct effect on the growth of new, thick hair which is resistant to damage.


Contains saturated fatty acids which nourish the hair fibres and smooth down the cuticles – giving the hair its healthy shine, and making the hair less brittle and more resistant to mechanical damage. The substances contained in the coconut oil have a beneficial effect on the hair bulbs: they strengthen them and make them less likely to fall out.


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