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How to comb not to overburden your hair? Learn these methods and make your hair healthy

A brain, chignon or a ponytail? Delicate waves or tight curls? Our everyday choice of hairstyle does not only impact our image. It also has an immense importance to the health of our hair. Although fancy hairstyles may look impressive, they often heavily burden the hair, which may result in the deterioration of its condition or even lead to hair loss. Find out what hairstyles to avoid and how to make an impression without exposing your hair to damage.

Hairstyles which are best avoided

What hairdos are the worst for the condition of our hair? Backcombing easily takes the top spot here. This method of styling gives you the ability to create many original hairstyles; however, it also poses a serious risk of damage to the hair's integrity. Although a professional can perform backcombing safely, it is not a method which is recommended for those who want to have healthy and lustrous hair.

Also, all types of “tight” hairstyles, such as buns or ponytails, have an adverse effect on the condition of our hair. They burden the hair and weaken the hair follicles, which may lead to thinning of the hair. This hairstyle is often chosen by women who are unhappy about the volume of their hair. This is a mistake - in this way they might make their hair even weaker and thinner.

Hairstyles which your hair likes

The best everyday choice is loose hairstyles, which do not overburden the scalp. You can experiment with loose braids and ponytails. A loose chignon affixed with pins is also an excellent choice. Of course, you can also wear your hair loose. However, this hairstyle may not be the best solution on windy days – by affixing your hair, you will prevent it from becoming entangled.

Regardless the hairdo you choose, make sure to provide your hair with suitable nourishment. Excessively dry hair is more susceptible to mechanical damage, also such mundane issues as split ends resulting from the hair rubbing on our clothes. Therefore, appropriate hair care is a must.

Watch the temperature

We should also remember a few rules about hair styling. First, you should not comb wet hair, as it is more delicate and more prone to damage. Secondly, if we want to style our hair with a curler or straighteners, we must prepare our hair suitably for such a procedure – best using heat protecting cosmetics. They are also necessary when drying our hair with a stream of hot air.

Styling foam, hair sprays and gels...

Fixing your hair is yet another stage in our hair care routine, which requires our particular attention. Let us remember that all hair fixing cosmetics influence the rigidity of the hair, making it more brittle and prone to damage.

All hair fixing products have an adverse effect on the condition of our hair, but sometimes their use is necessary. We should always remember to use small amounts of cosmetics and not to comb through a hairstyle which has already been set. If you want to tame curly hair, it’s best to say goodbye to all hair fixing products which contain chemicals. All you need to do is to rub a small amount of natural wax into your hair – it will nourish the hair and facilitate styling.

Even small things make a difference in hair care. After using strong hair fixing products do not forget to oil your hair. The oil will dissolve any residue from hair fixing products, and it will also hydrate and nourish the weakened hair. It will also protect it from further damage.

As it would be difficult to deny ourselves fancy hairdos for important events, we should always go for loose and natural hairstyles on a daily basis. This strategy will enable us to enjoy healthy, thick and more beautiful hair. When combined with suitable hair care, our hair will be stunning enough on its own, and we will no longer need any additional styling.