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Head massage – what are the benefits and how to do it the right way?

Scalp massage is often underestimated by clients of massage parlours because massage is associated only with relief for the spine and the body. However, it turns out that scalp massage can bring remarkable benefits. Why is that?

Head massage – what are its advantages?

Head is the most important human energy zone. A lot of people don't know that, but correct and regular scalp massage stimulates microcirculation of the blood. What does it mean in practice?

Faster blood circulation is tantamount to an accelerated exchange of vitamins and nutrients. It also enables the body to accelerate the removal of waste products, which have a detrimental effect on its functioning. In addition, it oxygenates hair follicles, which significantly improves their condition and stimulates hair growth. These benefits are not visible to the naked eye immediately after a massage, but if the massage sessions extend over a longer period of time, a significant improvement can be observed.

There are also massage techniques which almost immediately eliminate a nagging problem, e.g. massage of the occipital area. Many people claim that first results can be noticed during the massage itself. It relieves headaches and helps you get rid of muscle strain in the upper back. Additional relief for the neck and shoulders can be achieved through slow movements of your head from one side to the other.

Scalp massage – how does it benefit your hair?

The knowledge about the properties of scalp massage is not widespread. Given its favourable impact on the functioning of the body, it is completely incomprehensible. After all, it's one of the easiest methods to make your hair look better and improve its density.

The goal of scalp massage is to warm up the areas which undergo the treatment. You can adjust it by adjusting the pressure of the fingers, which should be appropriate. This means it should neither be very strong nor too gentle. Why is it so important? The correct pressure of the fingers on the scalp is important not only because of the pain you might cause, but also because of the risk of damage to hair roots.

What do I need to do a massage supporting hair growth?

First of all, you need to have 5 minutes of free time – it's probably not a lot, right? This is all you need to perform such a massage (every day!). In addition, you don’t need any specialist equipment or costly handbooks. Satisfactory results can be achieved using your own hands.

If you want to boost and speed up the results, you can apply organic oils designed for this purpose, but it’s not a must.

How to perform a scalp massage?

Find out where to start a scalp massage:

  1. First, you need to remove dead hair. To do this, gently comb through the hair with your fingers and repeat several times.
  2. Then move on to performing the massage itself. Make circular movements with your finger tips. Take your time, do it slowly and gently. It’s important to treat this as a pleasant moment of relaxation, and not a tedious task.
  3. Finally, massage your head, by spreading the fingers wide and bringing them together, applying slight pressure. Remember that pressure should not be excessive! Don’t forget that the massage needs to be pleasant.

Massage the scalp in this way every day. As you can see, it’s simple, fast and doesn’t require any specialist equipment. The most important thing is to do it regularly and gently. If you follow these rules, you'll notice the first results sooner than expected.

Scalp massage for hair growth – how to speed up the results?

If you want to achieve maximally fast results, take a look at a wide range of available essential oils. A product with a natural composition and a high concentration of active ingredients can bring really surprising results. Use it in combination with regular head massage and you won’t have to wait long to see the first results.

Scalp massage – essential information

The tension that is accumulated in the area of your skull causes a variety of unpleasant consequences, not only those including fatigue and insomnia, but also hair loss. To combat and prevent them, you need to regularly perform a relaxation scalp massage. It doesn’t need to be long, 5-7 minutes is enough. The most important thing is to do it on a regular basis and in a gentle manner.

If you want to enhance the results of a scalp massage, rub appropriate essential oils into your scalp. Be sure to choose top-quality cosmetics with a natural composition and necessary certificates.