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Do you know these home remedies to make your hair look stunning?

Healthy and thick hair is every woman's dream. Would you like to have a ravishing hairstyle but don’t know how to achieve one? Are you under the impression that you would have to spend a fortune on hairdressers and professional cosmetics or spend countless hours in the bathroom for your hair to look good? Nothing could be further from the truth. In this article, we will show you that looking after your hair can be surprisingly simple, cost-effective and enjoyable.

Hair secrets and home remedies

A vast number of ingredients which your hair is sure to love you can find... in your own kitchen! What are these ingredients?

First of all – yeast

Yeast contains many vital nutrients which provide excellent nourishment for your hair. It is a rich source of vitamins from group B (for instance, biotin known as the “vitamin of beauty”) and protein. Yeast also contains a lot of zinc, phosphorus, magnesium and iron.

You can take yeast in a drink. How to prepare a yeast cocktail? Cover a quarter of a block of fresh yeast with boiling water and set aside for a while. When the mixture cools down, you can add your favourite ingredients, such as honey, cocoa and fruit. This will neutralise the characteristic taste of yeast. This yeast cocktail should be drunk at least once a day.

Secondly – linseed

Linseed contains many useful ingredients such as vitamins from B group, folic acid, omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium, iron and dietary fibre. You can use linseed in many different ways – externally, as a nourishing hair mask and internally, as an infusion. Linseed stimulates hair growth, reduces hair loss and makes the hair thicker and healthier.

How to prepare a linseed infusion?
Cover a tablespoon of linseed with hot water (not boiling water). After 15-20 minutes, the infusion is ready to drink. You can add honey, fruit syrup, fruit or yoghurt to taste.

Linseed facial mask
Cover a tablespoon of linseed with boiling water. The infusion will become thick and achieve the consistency of a gel. Strain the seeds using a sieve. You can apply the mask on the hair on its own or mix it with a shop-bought cosmetic. Wait a dozen or so minutes and rinse the hair. The mask will hydrate your hair and make it lustrous and silky smooth.

Thirdly – nettle

Nettle contains many vitamins and nutrients: vitamin C, K and E, as well as vitamins from group B, calcium, potassium and iron. It can be used in various ways – as an infusion to be drunk or as a hair rinse. Nettle strengthens hair follicles, accelerates hair growth and reduces hair loss. It also combats dandruff and seborrhoea.

Nettle infusion
Pour boiling water on a tablespoon of dried nettle and cover. Wait for the herb to infuse. Drink the tea once or twice a day.

Nettle hair rinse
Pour hot water on a few tablespoons of dried nettle and cover. Wait until the infusion cools down completely. Use once a week after washing your hair. Do not rinse.

Have a head massage – use a hair rinse

For hair to be healthy, you need to look after the entire hair. Looking after the scalp is equally as important as looking after the length of the hair. There are many hair rinses available in pharmacies and cosmetic stores, but it is always healthier to use those based on natural ingredients.


Pour boiling water on a teaspoon of fenugreek, wait for it to infuse and cool down. Massage the infusion into the scalp after washing your hair. Fenugreek strengthens hair follicles and reduces hair loss.

Castor oil

You can mix castor oil with another oil to make application and rinsing easier. Massage the mixture into the scalp half an hour before washing your hair. Castor oil makes the hair thicker, accelerates its growth and reduces its loss.

Cosmetic petroleum

Massage the product into the scalp 10 minutes before washing your hair. To make it easier to rinse, before applying shampoo, additionally apply hair oil. When used regularly, cosmetic petroleum makes your hair healthier and more attractive.

Knots and tangles, or how to brush your hair?

For hair to grow healthy and thick, it should be protected from mechanical damage. An incorrectly chosen brush or method of brushing and styling can have a detrimental effect on the condition of your hair. See if you make any of these basic mistakes:

  1. Do not brush wet hair – wet hair is more delicate and more susceptible to damage.
  2. Use products which make hair easier to detangle – you can always use your favourite hair oil. Heat it in your hands and apply along the entire length of the hair. This will make the hair softer and less knotted, which will make brushing easier.
  3. Hold your hair against the scalp when brushing – this will limit the hair follicles from being pulled.
  4. Use a suitable brush – the most popular types include a boar bristle brush which minimises the tangling of the hair and reduces static, as well as the tangle teezer, which makes brushing quick and problem-free.
  5. Do not dry your hair with hot air – this will make it excessively dry. Allow the hair to dry naturally or use cool air.

As you can see, haircare does not have to be time-consuming. The methods suggested here can make haircare quite enjoyable. Take advantage of these simple tricks and beautiful hair will be at your fingertips.