Vivèse Senso Duo Oil

Vivese Senso Duo – a Christmas gift that will make your close ones amazed.

vivese senso duo for Christmas

The Christmas is already here and you have no gifts? We're all in the same place each year. You don't want to buy a sweater, a candle or socks, so you look for gifts that are both practical as well as aesthetic and original. Presents that meet the need of the one you love and that you can afford at the same time. This is our hint - give a natural hair product, Vivese Senso Duo, this year.

Why Vivese Senso Duo is a good Christmas gift idea?

Each of us wants to feel attractive, special and confident. For both, men and women, hair makes us look special. Therefore strong, thick and shiny hair is all we want. Giving a luxurious haircare product to the person you care for, you will provide them with comfort and well-being. Vivese Senso Duo is a perfect Christmas gift also due to its modern design and stylish packaging that will amaze you and be a perfect bathroom decoration piece.

Men fear of losing their hair, women - of thinning and mat hair without any volume. That's why a natural hair product, especially as recognized and popular as Vivese Senso Duo, is a great gift idea not only for women. It was created based on natural ingredients only, that have a beneficial effect on hair. What can be a better gift for the one you love than the care they need and the beauty they deserve?

Learn how Vivese Senso Duo works

Vivèse Senso Duo is a wellness philosophy contained in one natural product. The opulence of nutrients and strengthening ingredients contained in the oil provides care for your hair, while the velvety formula and the subtle scent composition compel your senses. You can do this beauty ritual at home and enjoy its sensational effects for a long time.

This recognized dermocosmetic was created based on the latest research in the field of trichology. Its rich formula affects the hair at the level of stem cells. It makes the Vivese Senso Duo prolong the anangene phase of the hair growth, improve the fixing of the hair in the scalp and affect its condition along its entire length, from bulbs to the ends. And the result? Stronger, thicker and more vital hair, tempting with the way it shines.

And it's all provided with the carefully developed composition of natural ingredients.

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Vivese Senso Duo – original composition for stunning effects

The two-phase Vivèse Senso Duo oil is a dermocosmetic with a rich formula consisting of up to 30 valuable substances of plant origin, enclosed in an aesthetic packaging, which will look perfectly on the shelf. It is a specialized and carefully researched mix of natural extracts that have a truly beneficial effect on the condition of hair and scalp. This hair care product consists of:

  • baikal skullcap – a valuable plant that is just beginning to conquer the dermocosmetics market. It stimulates microcirculation in the scalp and increases the energy of stem cells, resulting in awakening dormant bulbs and contributing to the growth of stronger and thicker hair.
  • soya and wheat germ extract – prolongs the anangenic phase of hair life so that hair loss is reduced and as a result the hair is thicker. It also reduces the risk of baldness because it strengthens the muscles that support the hair bulb.
  • camellia extract – nourishes and protects the hair along the entire length. It strengthens the hydrolipid layer and provides deep hydration, thanks to which it can improve the softness and radiance of even very damaged hair.

These are just some of the 30 carefully selected ingredients contained in this dermocosmetic. Do you want to learn about Vivèse Senso Duo's ingredients more? Detailed information is available here.

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Does Vivese Senso Duo work? Learn the opinions of specialists and users

When choosing a Christmas gift you want to make sure that you give a proven product to the person you love. Therefore Vivese Senso Duo is a great choice. This product is constantly winning new customers and positively recognized by its users.

This hair product wins the bloggers' ranks as the best present for Christmas 2017. It's also recommended by specialists (see the interview with Ewa Dyonizak-Flis) and users all around the world (see).

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Vivese Senso Duo under your Christmas tree

When you choose Vivese Senso Duo you can be sure that everyone will love this under their trees. And you will also avoid kilometre-long queues in the stores. All you need is to place your order and a package with the product will be delivered right at your door.

The person you love will have a chance to enjoy soft, thick and shiny hair every day, all thanks to you. They will enjoy looking at the mirror, proud and happy, and think about you every time they do it.