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Vivese Senso Duo

Vivese Senso Duo – hair-loss treatment

Hair loss, androgenic alopecia, alopecia areata or telogen effluvium. It doesn't matter what kind of hair loss you are dealing with, because researchers have succeeded in developing a method that quickly thickens, nourishes and strengthens your hair.

Vivese Senso Duo is a formula developed by expert chemists, biologists and trichologists (hair scientists). The research, which the scientists have been conducting for many years, has allowed us to develop the most effective method of fighting against baldness and supporting hair growth.

Vivese Senso serum

Vivese Senso Duo – Who should use it?

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The formula of Vivese Senso Duo has been developed based on natural, carefully selected ingredients. It is designed for people with thin and weak hair, which is often excessively dry. This product is an answer to the needs of women and men who experience problems with:

  • different types of alopecia (e. g. alopecia areata, androgenic alopecia, telogen effluvium),
  • unsightly bald spots,
  • hair weakened due to pathogenic factors,
  • age-related hair thinning,
  • consequences of improper hair care.


  • Your hair is genetically thin and you want to visibly thicken it,
  • You have recently noticed that your hair is not as robust and not as voluminous as it used to be,
  • You are tired of people constantly suggesting you’re older than you really are (thin hair is one of the main signs of ageing),
  • You suffer from excessive seborrhoea of the scalp,
  • Every day there is far more hair left on your brush than ever before.

If you agree with at least one of these statements, Vivese Senso Duo is the solution to your problem.

Vivese Senso Duo – How does it work?

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The properties of Vivese Senso Duo are confirmed by a wide group of specialists. Dermatologists and trichologists agree that the composition of natural active ingredients ensures reliability and effectiveness on many levels. As a result, the product targets the problem in many different ways, which is a guarantee of fast and lasting results.

Vivese Senso Duo – Multidimensional action

1. It supports glucose metabolism

In the growth phase, hair follicles use glucose almost twice as fast as in the resting phase. Vivese Senso Duo provides them with additional sugar to help them process the energy needed for the growth and strengthening of the hair and indispensable for the hair to live. The nutrients contained in Vivese Senso Duo make hair follicles more active and stimulate hair growth, significantly increasing the number of hairs and thickening your hair. What's more, the anagen phase of hair growth is extended, which directly impacts the condition of the hair and hair growth.

2. Stimulates stem cells

The growth process of new hair starts with the activation of stem cells which are in the resting phase. The Vivese Senso Duo formula accelerates the transition of stem cells from the resting phase to the hair growth phase – making new hair strong, healthy and stimulating its growth.

3. Protects the mitochondria

Vivese Senso Duo is a treatment that improves the mitochondria and protects them against free radicals, so that the cells do not grow old. They remain young and active for many years. As a result, your hair is stronger, healthier and doesn’t fall out.

4. Slows down the ageing processes

Oxidative stress is one of the mechanisms contributing to excessive hair loss. The Vivese Senso Duo treatment protects hair follicles from oxidative stress, supports stem cell growth and increases metabolic energy levels, thus prolonging the hair growth phase and reducing hair loss.

All in all, the Vivese Senso Duo treatment:

  • provides hair cells with nutrients which support quick and intensive hair growth
  • extends the hair growth phase
  • slows down balding
  • makes your hair stronger, healthier and thicker
  • protects your hair from the results of oxidative stress and ageing processes
  • regenerates and nourishes your hair and scalp
Vivese Senso oil

Vivese Senso Duo OIL

Is based on the latest research in the field of trichology. Its modern formula consists of over 30 natural oils and leading hydrophilic substances. It is their combination that guarantees the effectiveness which until now remained unattainable in the fight against any form of alopecia.

It cannot be underestimated that the oil has a two-stage formula, i. e. one half of it is an oily formula and the other half is water. As a result, it is light and doesn’t weigh down your hair.

Beneficial properties of the treatment increase the energy level in stem cells, which are responsible for proper hair growth in the anagen phase.

Caffeine and camellia extract block the secretion of dihydrotestosterone, a hormone which causes balding. Also, baicalin and soy and wheat sprout extract used in the product strengthen the muscles supporting hair bulb, thanks to which the treatment stimulates inactive hair bulbs, while supporting the growth of new, dense hair, which is resistant to damage.

Comprehensive Vivese Senso Duo oil treatment is sufficient for one month if used 3 times a week. When regularly rubbed into your hair and scalp, the oil effectively stimulates hair growth, nourishes your hair and conditions the scalp.
Vivese Senso shampoo

Vivese Senso Duo SHAMPOO

This specialist dermocosmetic product effectively treats hair growth disorders, which can be caused by various factors. Its formula contains a whole range of microelements, amino acids, lipids, sugars and other compounds which supplement any deficiencies in the structure of the hair. The extract from baikal skullcap accelerates the start of the anagen phase of hair growth, and the rose seed extract oxygenates the cells and protects them from the ageing processes.

The innovative mechanism activates hair follicles, and the arginine contained in the formula stimulates micro-circulation and accelerates the production of new hair with a robust structure. The shampoo does not weigh the hair down, it thoroughly hydrates the scalp and adjusts the secretion of sebum, whose level is directly linked to the balding process.

Daily hair care with specialized Vivese Senso Duo shampoo.

Vivese Senso Duo – composition

Learn more about the active ingredients of the Vivese Senso Duo hair-loss treatment:


Supports micro-circulation within the scalp, stimulating hair bulbs to increase the production of elements which build the structure of the hair. It increases the level of energy in stem cells and restores the natural balance of the skin, which enables its complete regeneration after hair loss.


Provides hair follicles with the sugar necessary for a hair strand to grow, develop and live. It significantly extends the anagen phase of hair growth, whose duration has a direct impact on hair density and the number of hairs. In addition, it strengthens the muscles supporting the hair follicles, thus reducing the risk of baldness.


It relaxes blood vessels in the scalp and increases blood circulation to hair follicles, so they produce more keratin – the main component of your hair. It stimulates the production of nitric oxide and provides a wide range of ingredients strengthening the skin's natural barrier and preventing excessive hair loss.


It is a rich source of microelements and vitamins A, C and E, which are necessary for the correct functioning of hair follicles. It protects the hair cells from free radicals, which slows down the ageing processes and makes them more active for longer.


It stimulates the follicle of the hair by activating the growth factor. Also, it blocks the secretion of dihydrotestosterone, the alopecia-causing hormone. New hair is thicker and stronger, and hair shafts are comprehensively regenerated.


It closes hair scales, protecting a hair against pre-mature ageing and mechanical damage of its structure. Additionally, it deeply moisturises your hair and scalp, at the same time strengthening the hydrolipid film. It activates dormant hair cells, stimulating their active growth.


It is a source of vitamins, amino acids and lipids, which are necessary to maintain the healthy condition of the skin on your head. It has extraordinary nourishing properties which slow down the process of hair follicle loss. It helps the energy consumed in the process of hair growth to be suitably managed which has a direct effect on the growth of new, thick hair which is resistant to damage.


Contains saturated fatty acids which nourish the hair fibres and smooth down the cuticles – giving the hair its healthy shine, and making the hair less brittle and more resistant to mechanical damage. The substances contained in the coconut oil have a beneficial effect on the hair bulbs: they strengthen them and make them less likely to fall out.


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